Got Milk?

Today was lots of fun. My friends Val and Kira at my favorite children’s book store in Portland, A Children’s Place, asked me to come by this afternoon to read some Halloween stories. One of my favorite authors, Bart King (The Big Book of Boy Stuff, The Big Book of Girl Stuff) was going to be there, too. We would “share the bill.) The event was part of the “Got Milk” campaign being carried out across the United States.

Bart and I had a wild time. We read some of our favorite Halloween stories. Then we took off on our own. I told “Teeny Tiny,” my all-time favorite, never fails, scary story. Bart read an hilarious list of worst Trick or Treat treats collected by his junior high students. He swears these are true.

Can you imagine getting a bag of baby carrots for Trick or Treat? Coupons? The worst was a little bag of GRAVEL!!! That’s BAD!!!

They wouldn’t have tried anything like that in my neighborhood in Brooklyn when I was growing up. Enraged kids would burn the house down.

Bart and I had so much fun together that our hosts had to cut us off. We could have gone on for another hour.

After that, it was time to Get Milk! We all put on stick-on milk mustaches. That was a little tricky for me since I’d brought my own mustace. And it’s no stick-on! Then we stuck our heads through cut-outs of Frankenstein and Dracula to have our pictures taken. There were Got Milk t-shirts, carrying bags, book marks, and all the chocolate milk you could drink. Not bad! But I wasn’t completely happy. I told Val that if she wants us to come back next year, she’s going to have to provide chocolate chip cookies.

Val and Kira promised to send a picture to me. I’ll see if I can post it when it arrives. I can’t remember if I was Frank or Drac. We’ll see.

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