Looking Good!

On my way to the Children’s Literature Conference in Keene, New Hampshire, I noticed that the woman sitting in the seat next to me was reading Barak Obama’s book. We struck up a conversation about the election and other things.

I learned that she was a professional cosmetician who had worked in the film industry, for political campaigns, and for plastic surgeons. There’s a lot that goes into putting on makeup properly and looking your best. She felt that John McCain was getting a lot of “professional help” to make him look healthy and vigorous.That wouldn’t surprise me. When a man in his seventies competes with a man in his forties, he needs all the help he can get. I just turned 62 yesterday. I know!

As for Sarah Palin, my flying companion was outraged by the fee her cosmetician charged. If I remember correctly, it was somewhere in the area of $20,000. “For Pete’s sake! That’s outrageous,” my friend said. “If they paid me that much, I’d have her looking like Marilyn Monroe!”

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