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Bad News

The snow is melted. All the same, we’re not having a good time at our house. Our dog Tasha is very sick. She was in a lot of pain on Christmas Day. We took her to the doctor the next morning. The doctor thought she may have injured her back. She prescribed rest and mild […]

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Feed The Birds

It hardly ever snows in Portland. Every year we long for a White Christmas instead of a soggy one. This year, it seems, we’ll get our wish. A whopper of a blizzard blew in over the weekend. The airport shut down. So did the trains and the buses. Hundreds of people were stranded. I-5, our […]

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Happy Hanukkah To Me!

This just came in. My friend, Dr. Mike Klaybor of Houston, sent me an email this morning to let me know that USA Today featured Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins in its Books section as part of a list of eight recommended books for the holiday. What good news! I’ll admit it took a few […]

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Bargaining in Beijing

My wife Doris beads. She has her own studio where she creates her own glass beads. She also designs necklaces and earrings. Nearly all the beads and material she uses come from China. Since we were in China, we decided to look for bargains. Our friends Judith and Shirley, both beaders, went along with us. […]

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Beijing Noodles

One thing I learned in China is that there is no such thing as Chinese food. China is a vast country. Each of its many regions has its own distinct cuisine. “Chinese” food is like “American” food. What kind of food are you talking about? New York pastrami? Chicago pizza? New Orleans red beans and […]

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Shadow Puppets in Xi'an

Doris and I had so many unique adventures in China. The shadow puppet play is one of the highlights. It only lasted for fifteen minutes. Yet it’s one of those memories that we’ll have for our whole lives. Our amazing guide Xing had given us two full and wonderful days. I’ll be talking about those […]

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Back From China

Thanks to all of you for bearing with me. I’m surprised you’re still checking in to see if I’d posted any new blog entries. I can’t blame you for thinking I had journeyed into the unknown, like Marco Polo. Possibly I’d return in twenty, thirty years. Maybe never. Well, I’m back. And I owe an […]

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