Back From China

Thanks to all of you for bearing with me. I’m surprised you’re still checking in to see if I’d posted any new blog entries. I can’t blame you for thinking I had journeyed into the unknown, like Marco Polo. Possibly I’d return in twenty, thirty years. Maybe never.

Well, I’m back. And I owe an apology. I promised to post blogs from China. I meant to. Really. However, Robert Burns said it best in his poem, “To A Mouse.”

The best laid schemes of mice and men/Gang aft agley.

Every day in China was full of adventure. By the time Doris and I came back to our various rooms, we were exhausted. I didn’t have enough energy to write my name.

However, I didn’t fail completely. I took plenty of pictures. I’ve made several of them into a slide show video using iMovie. I even added music from traditional Chinese music of the T’ang Dynasty. You can find the video at Let me know if you like it.

I’ll also be posting blogs about my Chinese adventures to help you understand the photos.

One more thing I want to tell you. Doris and I arrived home on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, after a long, long flight from Beijing. Our Thanksgiving Dinner consisted of a can of chicken soup. Then we went back to bed. Not much of a Thanksgiving. We’ll make up for that at Christmas time.

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