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A New Orleans Farewell

Some of you may know Coleen Salley’s books about the little possum Epossumondas. There’s Epossumondas, Why Epossumondas Has No Hair On His Tail, Epossumondas Saves The Day, and Eppossumondas Plays Possum. You may also know her as the Market Lady in To Market, To Market. She created some wonderful books with my friend Janet Stevens, […]

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The Snake/Part 2

I’m continuing the idea I got from Neil Gaiman of writing about a story while I’m still actively writing it. So on with The Snake. Omar’s first task is to get together what he needs to create a viable habitat for his snake. He needs to have it ready before he brings a snake home. […]

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Questions and Answers

I was up in Seattle on Monday, doing a school visit at The Evergreen School in Shoreline. I love doing school visits. This one was exceptional. The children were so well-prepared that it got a bit scary. They knew my books better than I did. All the classes are doing a lot of work with […]

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