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Some Thoughts On Writing

So far I’ve been blogging about ancient ruins and ancient history. What did I experience that’s new? I spent a terrific week with my hosts, the teachers, staff, and students of the Walworth-Barbour American International School. It’s located in a beautiful spot in the town of Even Yehuda, midway between Netanya and Tel Aviv. I […]

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King Herod

I need to stay in one place long enough to write my blog regularly. Last week I was in Montgomery, Alabama and Norfolk, Virginia. I had lots of adventures there. I’ll have to tell you about them in future posts. For now, I’d better live up to my commitments. In my last posting I promised […]

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Back From Israel #1/In Ben Hur's Footsteps

Those of you who follow my blog posts must think I dropped off the map. I apologize for being gone so long. I always make these fanciful promises about how I’m going to write and post every day. When the end of the day comes, I’m too tired to write anything. So all the blogs […]

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