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The Snake (continued)

Some of you have written to me asking what’s become of that book I was working on, The Snake? Not to worry. It’s cruising along. It’s just about the only thing I’m writing these days, so it has my full attention. What’s happened since I last wrote a post about it? Omar had gotten his […]

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In Brenda's House

I live on a dead-end street. Our block is a little village. Most of the families have known each other for over twenty years. We take vacations together. We have our own celebrations and rituals. When one of the kids graduates from high school or college, all the neighbors go to the graduation. We’ll be […]

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Virtual Author Visit

I did something interesting yesterday. As my friend Philip Lee puts it, I had the experience of being a pioneer. I know of many schools that would love to arrange an author visit but just don’t have the funding. I sympathize completely with the desperate circumstances they’re in. When you’re fighting to keep your programs […]

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