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At Last!

No, I’m not channeling Etta James. “At Last!” means I finally have my own snake. Reaction from family and friends has been mixed, ranging from “Eeeuuuuuwwww!!!” to “Cool!!!” My own reaction has been, “Let’s see what this new adventure brings.” Caring for a pet is an important responsibility. Its life is literally in your hands. […]

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Living in the Clouds

A week ago the New York Times published an article about Ray Bradbury’s campaign to support his local library. It’s one that every book lover should read. Mr. Bradbury was lending his suport to the effort to keep the library open in the face of severe budget cuts. As he put it, “I don’t believe […]

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The Snake/Revision

Those who follow this blog must be annoyed with me. (At least, I hope there are some who follow it!) Where have I been? I haven’t posted anything for awhile. I hope you’ll forgive me. It isn’t that I haven’t been working; on the contrary, I’ve been working steadily for the past week on The […]

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The Snake/Finish

I finished the first draft of The Snake. I wrote the last sentence on my laptop, seated out on the deck on a sunny day at the end of May with the temperature close to ninety. I’d turned on the wall fountain that hangs on my garage overlooking the garden. The sound of splashing water […]

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