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All You Need Is Love

Two weeks ago I spent five days at the Oregon Coast, taking part in the Oregon Children’s Book Writers Workshop. Click here if you’re interested in learning more about it. Aside from getting to hang out with my Oregon writer friends Tom Birdseye, David Greenberg, Pam Smith Hill, Margaret Anderson, and former Oregonian Margriet Ruurs, […]

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Snake Adventures (Continued)

I have more interesting news to share about my snake Lazarus/aka Pirate (which is what my grandson calls him.) I began noticing something unusual about his behavior a week ago. Lazarus usually hides during the day and becomes active at night. Although his habitat is in my basement office where there’s little natural light, I’ve […]

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Welcome to the Digital Age

I’ve been going back and forth for month about whether or not digital readers will replace books. More important, I’ve been going back and forth for month about whether or not I should get one. Last week, Molly O’Neill, a friend of mine who’s an up-and-coming editor at HarperCollins, let me fool around with her […]

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Can You Believe This?

I went to the dentist a few days ago for my usual six month checkup. I’m religious about taking care of my teeth. The image of my grandma’s teeth in the water glass in the bathroom is always before my eyes. I see my favorite hygienist, Tiffany, whenever I go in. Tiffany loves to talk. […]

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Feeding The Snake

My snake still needs a name. I promised my grandson, who’s six, that he could name him. He came up with “Pirate.” I can live with that. One of my Facebook pals shared a story about a time when she rescued an injured cornsnake. She called the snake Lazarus because he literally came back from […]

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