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Snake Update

A few fans have sent me emails wanting to know how my snake is doing. He’s doing fine. Lazarus eats once a week. I give him a mouse and he grabs it. It’s gone in less than two minutes. He’s growing. When I took him out yesterday I noticed that his skin had a faded, […]

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Seeds of Conflict and Peace

Something special just happened that I need to share. I have a story coming out in Cricket this December. It’s a Hanukkah tale, but completely different from all the others I’ve done. This one is called “Jason and Jonathan.” It’s about two friends, Jason and Jonathan, who live on opposite sides of the ethnic dividing […]

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Dog Days

We had a heat spell in Portland two weeks ago. The temperature got up to 105˚. The heat has broken, but it’s been humid. We feel that slow lassitude that comes with hot weather, where you lie around, not wanting to do anything but lie around and not do anything. These are the Dog Days […]

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