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Simon and the Bear

I was feeling stuck for awhile, but now the creative juices are flowing again. Nothing like a good idea to make an author feel better! My mood always improves when I have something to work on. I’ve received a lot of feedback from friends who follow this blog telling me how they enjoyed following the […]

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Snake Love

At our house we love our pets. They’re ours for life. We don’t abandon them when they get old or ill. The neighbors think I’m crazy, but I refuse to flush my fish when they die. I bury them in the garden. I have my own silent meditation for them. As I smooth the dirt […]

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Kindle 2: What's The Verdict?

My new Kindle arrived last week. I let it sit on my dining room table overnight. I’ll admit that I was a little intimidated. Is this device going to live up to its reputation? What does it mean for the future of books if this thing catches on. In the morning I had plenty of […]

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Taking Stock

I’ve never really regarded January 1st as the New Year. For me, the year always begins in September. Maybe that’s because I’ve spent most of my life in schools, where the new year does actually begin in September when everyone comes back to school. Part of it, I’m sure, has to do with being Jewish. […]

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Waiting for Kindle

Well, I bit the bullet. I ordered a Kindle 2 from Amazon. After wandering around online for most of the summer, reading reviews, comments, posts, blogs, and talking to editors and writers that I know, I came to the conclusion that the Kindle must live up to its reputation if so many people whom I […]

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