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The Adventure Begins

Doris and I are all packed and ready to go. Tomorrow morning our trip to Africa begins. We fly from Portland to Washington, D.C. Then we cross the Atlantic to Paris. We arrive in Paris early in the morning. We have to wait most of the day for our flight to Bamako, the capital of […]

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Eaten By Wolves

I have to share this story. They recently had parent-teacher conferences at my grandson’s school. Blake’s teacher was talking to my daughter Bridgett about how Blake was doing. Everything’s fine. He likes school and is way at the head of his class. Then the teacher added as an aside, “But I know you’re not his […]

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Website Update

My webmaster Wess has been busy these last two weeks updating my website. Most of what we’ve been doing is housekeeping. A lot of my “New Books” are several years old. Time to cull that list and add some new ones. The biggest change that Wess and I talked about is Anansi’s Store. It’s gone. […]

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