Fear Is Not An Option

While surfing around late at night I came upon an interview with James Cameron, director of Avatar. I haven’t seen the film yet, but this quote is memorable. I have to share it.

Cameron says, “Curiosity is the most powerful thing you own. Don’t put limitations on yourself. Other people will do that for you…failure has to be an option in art and exploration because it’s a leap of faith.

“In whatever you’re doing, failure is an option, but fear is not.”

Here’s a link to the full article if you’d like to read it.

If you want to become a writer or any other kind of artist. write this down and keep it with you. Take it out and look at it when times get rough. It’s so true! Failure is definitely an option when so many of the elements that determine success or failure are beyond your control However, you decide how you will react to those circumstances.

No fear.

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