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I love looking for bizarre stories on the web. They give me ideas for books, although I doubt whether writers could make these anecdotes up, no matter how hard they tried. This one takes the cake. Ali Hussain Sibat is a Lebanese TV personality. He has a call-in show on a satellite TV station in […]

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Where’s Vibo?

I have snakes on my mind today. I’m reworking a story I wrote about a Latina girl who thinks she’s lost her pet snake. My good friend Carmen Bernier-Grand (Frida, Diego and many more) checked it over for accuracy. She also gave me some Spanish phrases to make the dialog more interesting. I had five […]

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I had an interesting conversation with some of my closest friends last night. George and Edie, Judy and John were having dinner at our house after the theater. (Terrifically funny play, by the way: The Thirty-Nine Steps presented by Portland Center Stage. It’s a theatrical parody of Alfred’s Hitchcock’s 1935 spy film which itself was […]

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Swims With Turtles

We’re back home from Hawaii. Nothing but memories of a beautiful trip. Thanks David, and everyone at the Hawaii Preparatory Academy. I hope we’ll be back there some day. If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that every time I leave on a travel adventure, I promise to blog about it. Yeah, yeah! Like […]

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