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Horse Latitudes 3

I think my Bully/Snake story is going to be a bust. Two editors have turned it down. They’re both editors whose opinion I greatly respect, and they both began their comments by saying that bullying is a hot topic. I can tell that they really wanted to like the story. Unfortunately, they didn’t. It’s too […]

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Now We Wait

I finally sent the snake story off. Contrary to what most people think, I didn’t print it out. I sent it off as an email attachment. Everything’s digital these days. Editors don’t want to carry piles of paper around. Most of the editors I know have a Kindle or other type of e-book reader. They’ll […]

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Moment of Truth

I’ve had that story about the snake friends taking on the classroom bullies at the back of my mind (and at the back of my computer) for a couple of weeks. A number of friends have urged me do something with it. A recent stroll through Barnes & Noble added a little impetus. There seem […]

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Great News for a Rainy Day

It may be raining outside, but my heart is warm. I want to share to pieces of good news that came in over the past two days. This morning I received an email from Connie Simmons, an elementary school librarian in Ottumwa, Iowa. She wrote to tell me that the K-2 elementary students in Ottumwa […]

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