Great News for a Rainy Day

It may be raining outside, but my heart is warm. I want to share to pieces of good news that came in over the past two days.

This morning I received an email from Connie Simmons, an elementary school librarian in Ottumwa, Iowa. She wrote to tell me that the K-2 elementary students in Ottumwa elected The Three Little Tamales as their favorite picturebook of the year. That’s quite an honor! I’m thrilled.

The second bit of good news came in yesterday. Sandy Ing, the head of the Tennessee Association of School Librarians Promotional Committee, wrote to let me know that The Three Little Tamales has been named an outstanding book for the 2011-2012 year.

If you don’t know the book and would like to find out more about it, check it out on my New Books page. Click HERE

Those little tamales get around. Way to go, Tamales! And thanks to all the children and librarians in Iowa, Tennessee, and all around the country who keep me going with their unwavering kindness and support. I promise to keep writing if you’ll keep reading!

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