Horse Latitudes 3

I think my Bully/Snake story is going to be a bust. Two editors have turned it down. They’re both editors whose opinion I greatly respect, and they both began their comments by saying that bullying is a hot topic. I can tell that they really wanted to like the story.

Unfortunately, they didn’t. It’s too odd. In addition, making snakes the characters doesn’t help. Face it. Snakes are not pandas or bunnies. They will never have the cuddly factor working for them.

The novel I wrote last year, about Omar wanting and getting a pet snake, seems stuck, too. My agent keeps sending it out and it keeps coming back. About the only one of my projects having to do with snakes that’s met any success is the snake itself. Pirate the Snake is thriving. He’s more than two feet long. He’s almost done with this batch of fuzzies, which is the next mouse size up from pinkies. I’m going to move him up to hoppers. The next step is adult mice, which I’m sure he will reach before the end of the year.

I also need to get him a new home. His present habitat looks crowded. I’ve asked around and online. Most of the people I’ve consulted told me that a snake’s habitat should be about half its length. Pirate’s just about there.

I’ll start setting up his new habitat when he finishes this batch of mice. His habitat will be due for a cleaning and a change of substrate. That would be a good time to move him to a new home.

Ah, Pirate! You began as a research project. Now you’re a friend. The writing seems to have gone nowhere. But we still have each other.

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