Moment of Truth

I’ve had that story about the snake friends taking on the classroom bullies at the back of my mind (and at the back of my computer) for a couple of weeks. A number of friends have urged me do something with it. A recent stroll through Barnes & Noble added a little impetus. There seem to be an awful lot of books about bullying on the shelves. I looked at a few. Although I can’t say that I’m crazy about my story, it’s better than most of the ones I read. And the bullies aren’t going to go away. It just isn’t human nature. So there will always be a need for books about how to deal with them.

(As my Dad used to say, “When all else fails, belt ’em across the head with the book.”)

I spent this afternoon working on the snakes. It definitely needs to be cut. I got it down to 18,500 words from 2,200. I’d like to reduce it even more. It comes in at about nine pages now. I’d be pleased if I could get it down to seven or eight. At that point it would be ready to send out. It needs a title. I’m just calling it Snake Story for now.

I’m forcing myself to do what I tell beginning writers to do. “Stop dithering. Send it out!”

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