Back In The Swing

Good grief! I’ve just been checking my posts. I haven’t blogged in ages! The only excuse I can offer is that I’ve had things to do.

What sorts of things?

Well, to start we went on a little holiday to Sunriver in Central Oregon. Mostly we went to see the sun because we’ve had nothing but rain for most of June. The forecast for Sunriver and Bend didn’t look too promising either when we set out. However, the weatherman is a researcher, not a prophet. He can be wrong.

And he was! We had beautiful sunshine for most of our visit.

What did we do? Lots of things. The most exciting day for me was when my son-in-law James took me whitewater rafting. It was my Father’s Day present. I’ve done whitewater rafting before. My cousin Leslie, who used to live in Eugene, was an avid rafter. She took me down the Mackenzie once. That was a wild trip. The last set of rapids pitched our guide out of the raft. We had to paddle our own way through the rapids with our guide holding on to a rope on the side of the raft. Leslie promised an exciting day. She wasn’t kidding.

Our adventure on the Deschutes was just as exciting, though not at all hair-raising. (I don’t have the hair to raise.) James and I shared our raft with a family of four from California. Their two kids, Bob and Apple, sat together toward the rear. James and I were up front. I think our guide wanted muscle up there. That or nerve. James drives trucks, so not too much rattles him.

We got thoroughly drenched and had a terrific time. Our guide yelled out when to paddle, when to stop. Fairly simple, although you have to imagine doing it while the raft in bucking like a wild bull and waves are washing over the front into your face. I was nearly knocked off my seat by one. I kept paddling for all I was worth, although I think I was paddling air for half the time.

Poor Apple became frightened in the second set of rapids. She started crying. We tried to cheer her up, but it was obviously that she’d been really scared. Bob was another matter. That boy was game! He sat at the front of the raft, down in the bow, for the next set that we went through. By the time we hit the last set, he was sitting up on the bow like a figurehead, riding the waves like a bronco rider at the rodeo.

That boy will go far.

It sure was a terrific day and one of the best Father’s Day presents I ever got. Sure beats getting a tie. My only wish is that we had taken pictures, although pictures are the last thing you think about when you’re pitching on a raft in the middle of a whitewater needs to see a picture of me looking like a drowned rat.

I have pictures in my mind. Maybe there’s a book in this. I’ll see.

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