Joha's Wish Comes True

Sometimes wishes do come true. Elizabeth Bird, who writes one of the best review blogs in the field of children’s books, did me the honor of devoting her “Review of the Day” to my latest, Joha Makes A Wish.

She makes some deeply appreciated comments about my books over the years. Whether they’re true or not is not for me to comment. However, I am in total agreement about what she has to say about Omar Rayyan’s illustrations. I also think that Omar is an unjustly overlooked illustrator who deserves far more attention and acknowledgment than he has received.

Here’s a link to the review so you can read it for yourself. HERE

Here’s another link that will take you to Omar’s website so you can learn more about him. HERE

Finally, if you’d like to hear me read the story, click HERE (Scroll down if you don’t see it right away.)

(By the way, I have a second Joha story sitting on my editor’s desk. We’re watching to see how well this first story does. The story’s called Joha The Wise. Fingers crossed!)

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