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Oregon Coast Children's Book Writers Workshop

I spent last week out of town and off the grid in Oceanside, Oregon, where I was one of the faculty at the Oregon Coast Children’s Book Writers Workshop. This was my second year at the conference. Frankly, I wonder if the attendees got as much out if it as I did. And I’ve been […]

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Chupacabra Lives!

If you enjoyed my book The Three Cabritos, you have to check this out. Chupacabra lives—and is it ugly! My friend Susan Ogintz sent me this link. What do you think? Are these beasts a couple of real chupacabras? Click HERE (They look like hairless dogs to me. Chihuahuas on steroids?)

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Unsung Heroes

My friend Anna Cruz was in town last week. I enjoyed getting together with her after too many years. Anna was at one time the library coordinator for the San Benito school district in Southeast Texas. It’s about as far south as you can get. Go a few more miles and you’re in Mexico. I […]

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