The Website’s Almost Done

This was a busy summer! One of the most important things I did was sit down with Wess Willis, my webmaster, and talk about the website. I’ve used the same design for more than ten years. It was starting to look cluttered with big blocks of text and long lists of books. Wess told me that the underlying code, while adequate, was seriously out-of-date. Wess had me look at other websites for ideas about what I could do with mine.

It didn’t take long to decide I wanted a total overhaul. I needed to change the website’s appearance as well as its underlying code so that I could do more myself. Wess has been working for over a month pulling everything together. My task was deciding what I wanted. That wasn’t so easy since, as a writer, I think in literally, not visually. I’m at home with words. As for design—I have trouble choosing a tie to match a shirt.

We’re almost done! Just a few more features to put into place and it will be ready. I need to learn how to add photos to the album. I want to become more familiar with posting news and announcements on the home page. I learned how to create an audio slide show with a few of my picture books. The Ask Eric section has really taken off. I’m getting lots of questions from all over the world. My regret is that I can’t post all of them.

This is my first blog post since we set up the new design. Wess is right. Using a more up-to-date version of the Word Press program makes blogging a breeze. Now to post it and see how it looks.

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