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Finding Your Way In #2

In my last post I wrote about writing as a process of discovery. I truly believe this to be the case. When you begin a story,  you have some vague notions about what you’d like to do and perhaps what you hope to do. Then, as you write, things change. Unanticipated problems show up. So […]

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Finding Your Way In

My last few posts have been about using a new text-to-speech program, Dragon Dictate, in writing an actual manuscript. The program gets more accurate and easier to use the more I use it. The biggest problem I find myself facing involves one of the basic challenges of writing anything. It’s the question writers ask themselves […]

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How Did It Go?

Yesterday I blogged about how I planned to experiment with my new text-to-speech program, Dragon Dictate. How did it go? Frustrating at times, but ultimately successful. I sent myself quite a task, getting a new chapter boos started. I wanted to take a picture book manuscript I had written several years ago and expand it […]

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Learning A New Way To Write

In my last entry I blogged about becoming familiar with the Dragon Dictate program. I’ve been using it for the past week, mostly for writing e-mails and for answering letters from children. I’ve discovered that the program gets easier the more I use it. Now I think I’m ready for a bigger challenge. I sent […]

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