Learning A New Way To Write

In my last entry I blogged about becoming familiar with the Dragon Dictate program. I’ve been using it for the past week, mostly for writing e-mails and for answering letters from children. I’ve discovered that the program gets easier the more I use it. Now I think I’m ready for a bigger challenge.

I sent off my last project, Jo Jo and the Secret of the Bayou, or whatever I’m going to call it. While my agent Jennifer is looking at it, I find myself looking for something to do. Why not try to do some writing in Dragon Dictate? This should be interesting. I’ve never dictated a story before.

It may work or it may not. My college friend Lowell warned me about dictation and writing. Lowell works as a sportswriter in the Bay Area, but he also has a PhD in English literature from Stanford. Lowell says that Henry James used to dictate his later works and that’s why they’re so difficult to read. The guy just went on and on and on.

So I’m going to have to watch that. On the other hand, since I’m trying to move out of the picture book format, having more to say and being able to say it might not be so bad. At least, I should be able to come up with enough writing to fill a small chapter book.

So I’m ready to begin. I’ve had a great story in my files for years that no editor would touch. It’s a boy’s story, nasty and gross, called Snot Boy. The title doesn’t tell you the half of it. There is a cannibal monster and lots of icky stuff along the way. I think it has potential. It’s certainly worth a try. If nothing else, I’ll become more familiar with the text-to-speech program.

Here I go. I intend to try writing a small chapter book for middle grade readers entirely by dictating it to my computer.

Wish me luck! (By the way, I dictated this blog entry. My fingers never touched the keyboard.)

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