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Celebrate Picture Books

Picture Book Month begins tomorrow. I’ve been asked to start the celebration with a few words about why picture books are important to me. It was quite an honor to be asked and quite an opportunity as well to state why I believe picture books are so important. I learned to love books because of […]

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Flowers In The Forest

I have to confess to a guilty pleasure. I love reading biographies and autobiographies of rock stars. I think it’s because I lead such a normal, controlled life. I experience such vicarious pleasure reading about people who go totally berserk. Yes, they crash and burn in the end. But what a ride! Right now I’m […]

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I just received an email letting me know that Richard Kimmel is following me on Twitter. Really!!!! Wow!!! Richard Kimmel was my smart cousin Richard. He was handsome, brilliant, talented. He could do anything and he did it all. Compared to Richard, the rest of the Kimmel cousins were a bunch of slobs. Richard went […]

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My last post was Ouch! This one is Eeeeek!!! I’ll tell you why. About five years ago I volunteered to be part of a medical study attempting to find out whether taking vitamin E and selenium supplements could help reduce the chances of getting prostate cancer. Why not? I was in perfect health. I’d be […]

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Good heavens! I just realized it’s been ages since I’ve posted anything on my blog. No excuses. Blame it on the last days of summer. It got started late here in Oregon. We didn’t have good weather until August. When the weather is good, you want to be outside in the sunshine because you know […]

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