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When It’s Happening

I’ve noticed a funny thing about writing over the years. When you’re stuck and find yourself with no idea of what you’re writing or what you’re supposed to be doing, you can always find dozens of excuses for not writing anything. You have to go shopping; you have to run a wash; you have to […]

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Let’s Read!

An Imaginary Conversation: Author: Let’s read! Books are wonderful. Read together with your family every evening! Child: My parents don’t read. We don’t have any books in our house. Author: That’s no problem. Your school library has plenty of good books that you can check out and read. Your school librarian will be happy to […]

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I just caught a whiff of something significant blowing in the wind. Amazon announced that it’s starting a lending library. I’ll have to research this further. So far, this is what I’m getting from what I’ve read online. If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, you’ll be able to download ebooks to your Kindle or […]

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