I just caught a whiff of something significant blowing in the wind. Amazon announced that it’s starting a lending library. I’ll have to research this further. So far, this is what I’m getting from what I’ve read online. If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, you’ll be able to download ebooks to your Kindle or ebook reader for free. You’ll have a month to read them. After that, they disappear. I assumed you can download them again if you’re still not finished.

None of the major publishers have signed on, so don’t count on reading bestsellers any time soon. I”m eager to see what titles are being offered. There are plenty of fine books that never made the bestseller lists. (And plenty of trash that did!)

If something like this catches on, it has enormous implications for libraries and publishing as we know it. We’ve seen so many astounding technological changes. What’s one more, right?

However, I do have one tiny little question. How does the author get paid?

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