Let’s Read!

An Imaginary Conversation:

Author: Let’s read! Books are wonderful. Read together with your family every evening!

Child: My parents don’t read. We don’t have any books in our house.

Author: That’s no problem. Your school library has plenty of good books that you can check out and read. Your school librarian will be happy to tell you about them.

Child: Our school doesn’t have a library. They boxed up the books last year when they fired the librarian. They have computers in there now. Sometimes we get to use them.

Author: You can always find lots of good books at the local branch of your public library.

Child: I guess. We don’t go there. It’s kind of far and my parents don’t have the time to drive me. Gas is expensive, too.

Author: What about your teacher? I’m sure she has books in her classroom to share.

Child: Yeah, but we don’t have time for books. We have to get ready for the reading tests.

Author: That’s too bad.

Child: I know. I’d like to read books some day. Maybe when I grow up.


But I wouldn’t count on it.

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