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The Next Big Thing Blog Tour/2

The idea of taking part in a blog tour is proving popular. Pam tells me I can tag more than one person. Nina Laden will post her responses to the questions in a few days. Elizabeth Winthrop wants to take part. I may have a few more names to add as well. I will post […]

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The Next Big Thing Blog Tour

The Next Big Thing is an author blog tour. What’s a blog tour? A blog tour gives those on the tour a chance to meet different authors by way of their blogs. The Next Big Thing began in Australia. Each week a different author answers specific questions about his or her upcoming book. The answers […]

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I had a grand time visiting Kalapuya Elementary School in Salem this Friday. As always happens, a couple of children asked if I would dedicate a book to them. What do you say to that? I always say that I couldn’t write enough books to have one for every person who asks for a dedication. […]

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How Many Books Have You Written?

“How many books have you written?” That’s the question I’m asked most often whenever I do a school visit. It’s also the first question adults ask when they learn I’m a writer. It always struck me as a peculiar question since I really don’t care. What matters isn’t how many books you’ve written; it’s how […]

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Paddling Our Canoes

My New Year’s post started an interesting discussion on Facebook. A number of my writer friends—Monica Kulling, Chris Demarest, Bobbi Miller—added their views to the current state of writing and publishing. They felt the way I did. It’s getting harder and more discouraging to be a writer. I never intended to depress everyone at the […]

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