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Anansi the Spider Quilt

Look at this! I’m amazed. My friend Natalie Franklin created an Anansi quilt to go with my Anansi stories. I hope you can enlarge the jpeg. The detail is stunning. As I told Natalie, it probably took longer for her to create the quilt than for me to write the books. For those who’d like […]

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Next Big Thing Blog Tour #5

Elizabeth Winthrop has her post up. You can find it by clicking HERE.

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Next Big Thing Blog Tour 4

Jayne Moraski has her post up. Click HERE to link to her blog.  

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Next Big Thing Blog Tour 3

I’ve tossed the Blog Tour ball to Nina Laden. Her response to the questions is posted. Click HERE for the link to her blog page. Elizabeth Winthrop and Ann Angel wanted to join, too. I don’t see their entries up yet. I’ll post links when they’re up. This is fun. Let ‘s keep the tour […]

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