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American Fantasy

Here’s a terrific article about American Fantasy by my friend Bobbi Miller that I want to share. It’s well worth reading if you love folklore and fantasy. Bobbi’s new book, Big River’s Daughter, is my favorite book so far this year. Click HERE for the link.

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Moby Dick at the Danforth Museum

There’s a terrific exhibit of Andrew Glass’s illustrations for Moby Dick at the Danforth Museum and School of Art in Framingham, Massachusetts. Here’s a link to an article about it. Click HERE. The best part is reading the children’s reactions. “They try to catch this big whale but never do.” Hannah says, “Whales don’t eat […]

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Does it get better than this? JoAnn Berg, a preschool teacher, took the time to write to me about my book, The Three Little Tamales. Here’s what she wrote: I am a preschool teacher. I teach mostly children whose families are from Mexico. I found your book, The Three Little Tamales. My children loved the […]

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Black-Eyed Susan Award

Wow! This certainly made my day. I received an email from Marge Shaffer of the Maryland Association of School Librarians telling me that Joha Makes A Wish was nominated in the Picture Book category for for the 2013-2014 Black-Eyed Susan Book Award. Children in Maryland schools read the books and vote for their favorite in […]

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Little Red Hot

This was an exciting week. Little Red Hot was officially published last Monday. All sorts of good things have happened since then. Amazon had an online special featuring Little Red Hot and my other Amazon books. That should result in a few sales, considering that Amazon promotions go out all over the world. Our local […]

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