Little Red Hot

This was an exciting week. Little Red Hot was officially published last Monday. All sorts of good things have happened since then.

Amazon had an online special featuring Little Red Hot and my other Amazon books. That should result in a few sales, considering that Amazon promotions go out all over the world. Our local bookstore, A Children’s Place, asked me to come over and autograph their copies. My friend Kira Porton told me yesterday that she has hand-sold two copies. She said she loves selling that book. I may have to go over to autograph a few more when these are gone.

Laura Huliska-Beith, who illustrated Little Red Hot, sent me jpegs of the illlustrations in process. It’s so interesting to see how Laura starts with my text and plays around with some ideas in the margins to get a sense of what the characters might look like. She shows how she moves from sketches to full-color illustrations. I turned the jpegs into a Keynote presentation that I can use when I make school visits to give children a sense of how the process works. I’m visiting Wismer School in Beaverton, OR on Thursday. I’ll have a chance to try out the book and the slide show for the first time.

I sent Laura copies of the slide presentation of the book and the slides of the process so she can used them in her own presentations. She thanked me for sending them. It saved her a lot of work. (I don’t think I worked that hard on it. Putting slide programs together in Keynote gets easier the more you do it.)

I haven’t even shared the best part. I found a package on my doorstep. Amazon sent me a goodie basked of hot sauce and snacks to celebrate Little Red Hot. How can you top that?


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