This Makes It All Worthwhile

I received the sweetest email today from Vicki Winterscheidt in Colorado. Vicki’s daughter was getting married at Grand Lake Lodge in Colorado, high up the Rockies. What a spectacular setting for a wedding! Vicki wrote to say that her sons walked beside her on the path down to the knoll where the ceremony would take place. They held on to her arms because the path is steep and there are a lot of rocks along the way. (Not the sort of thing you want to negotiate in heels.) As they started down the path, her son Pete suddenly said, “Isn’t that a strange moss-covered rock?”

Vicki says she didn’t fall down, although she tears up every time she tells this story. She shared Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock with her children when they were small. That’s what they would say when they hiked in the mountain and everyone would fall down.

Now that Pete, Hank, and Marcena are grown-up, perhaps that wicked old spider will entrance another generation of children. I hope so.

An author’s life can be terribly frustrating and full of disappointments. Then you get a letter like this to make it all seem worthwhile.

Thanks for making my day, Vicki!

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