Worst Birthday Ever!

Everybody loves a birthday party. So do I. Unfortunately, my birthday last week had to be the worst ever.

It started out as an ordinary day. The only thing I had to do was pick up my neighbors, Robert and Brenda, at the airport. They had been in Europe for three weeks. They had a grand time in France, Italy, and Spain. By now, they texted us, they were eager to come home.

I texted Brenda that I’d be waiting in the cell phone area. They should give me a call when they were ready to be picked up. I’d come and get them.

A thought crossed my mind as I stepped out of the house. Brenda and Robert had driven to the airport in their van. I went with them. Along the way we picked up their cousins, Joanne and Darryl, who were flying to France with them. Were Joann and Darryl going to be at the airport, too? That’s four people and their luggage for a three week trip. My car is a Prius. Not very roomy. I decided to take Brenda and Robert’s van in case we needed more room.

No one had started up the van for weeks. However, it started right up when I turned the key. I drove to the airport, parked in the cell phone waiting area, and waited to hear from Robert. The plane was on time. Robert called to say that there was a long line to get through customs. It might take awhile. I told him I didn’t mind. I had a book to read.

I waited for about an hour. Robert called again. They were ready for me to pick them up. I started up the van—and it didn’t start! The battery was dead, What now?

I called my wife Doris and asked her to come out to the airport to pick up Brenda and Robert. She was in the middle of baking an apple pie for my birthday. We all had to wait http://www.mindanews.com/buy-inderal/ until the pie came out of the oven. Doris took out the pie, got in her car, and drove to the airport. Meanwhile, I called AAA.

Doris picked up Brenda and Robert. She dropped Robert off in the cell phone area so he could wait for the AAA man with me. The man might have questions about the van that I couldn’t answer. Doris and Brenda headed home.

The AAA man showed up fifteen minutes later. He got the van started without too much trouble. He told Robert that the battery was smaller than it ought to be. He might think of replacing it with one with more cranking power. Robert said he would look into it. The van started right up. We were on our way home at last.

That wasn’t much fun. Would I get through the day without any more hassles.

Birthday party time! Our daughter Bridgett, her husband James, and our grandson Blake came over for my party. I asked for crab for my birthday dinner. There’s nothing better than our Dungeness crabs. Blake wasn’t sure whether he liked crab, so we didn’t get one for him. The plan was that we’d share some of our crab so he could have a taste. He could have more if he liked it.

Blake tried it, but didn’t especially like the taste. Bridgett didn’t like the taste, either. She wondered if the crab had turned. I tried mine. Yuck! Same thing with Doris. Double yuck! All the crabs had gone bad. We had no choice but to toss them all. We did have rolls and butter. The apple pie was great. I could have eaten another one.

That was a bummer of a birthday. I get a do-over. And I’m not going to wait for next year.

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