Gabriel’s Horn

I finished the final editing revisions for my latest book, Gabriel’s Horn. Special thanks go to my editor, Amy Fitzgerald, who had some excellent ideas for whipping the manuscript into its final shape.

This book has an interesting history. It’s based on “Seven Years,” a famous story by the great Yiddish writer, I.L. Peretz. I adapted it for a book of Jewish New Year stories which I wrote in the early nineties. The book was Days of Awe, beautifully illustrated by Erika Weihs. The book was always a favorite of mine, though it’s been out-of-print for nearly twenty years.

Last year the PJ Library, a Jewish book club for young readers, approached me to ask if I’d be interested in updating the story; making it a contemporary tale instead of setting it in 19th century Russia. That was easy to do. I enjoyed the challenge. I revised the story several times, then sent it to Kar-Ben, which has published several of my Jewish stories over the years. Kar-Ben liked it. The fact that the PJ Library wanted to distribute the book to its members was an added plus.

My job is done now that Amy and I have finished editing it. The next step is to find an illustrator to create pictures to go with it. I have no idea whom the illustrator will be. The next step for me will be seeing the illustrations that an artist creates to go with my story. That’s always my favorite part of the creative process.

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