Great Idea!

My agent, Jennifer Laughran, sent me an email yesterday. She thought this might be a crazy idea, but she wanted to run it by me anyway. Have I ever though of writing the script for a graphic novel? Some of my manuscripts would make terrific graphic novels if we could link up with an artist.

I didn’t think that was a crazy idea at all. I’ve been interested in graphic novels for years. I’ve talked with a few artist/writers who create them. Most of what I learned was discouraging. It’s hard to break into the field if you’re not an illustrator. Income is so low that it doesn’t pay to have to split it with a writer. The genre is highly competitive. It’s more a labor of love than anything else.

That wasn’t encouraging. I put that idea on the back burner and moved on.

Jennifer tells me the genre is different these days. There’s a big demand for graphic novels for the middle grades. She directed me to a website where I could see what a graphic novel script looks like. It’s sort of like a screenplay, though less rigid. I can do this. Jenn also sent me a reading list of successful middle grade graphic novels to look it.

I have homework to do. I am definitely excited. The first step is to put together a script. Jenn’s plan is to show it to some of the artists the agency represents to see if they want to work with me.

So we will see. It’s an experiment. Maybe nothing will come of it. Still, it’s exciting to see something new on the horizon.


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