Something New

My agent, Jennifer Laughran, sent me an email with a great suggestion. Have I ever tried writing graphic novels? I was puzzled at first. I’m not an artist. Jenn explained that I don’t have to be. A lot of GN’s are created in the same way picture books are. The writer comes up with the text and the artist creates pictures to go with it.

The difference is that the text for a GN is more like a film screenplay. I asked Jenn if she could show me a sample GN script so I could see what they look like. She directed me to a website that had a very good one. I studied it, went to the library, came home with an armload of GN’s. I sat down to read them.

As soon as I had somewhat of an idea of what I was supposed to be doing, I began adapting one of my unprinted and unwanted middle grade chapter books into the GN script format. It’s Sinbad the Sailor, an exciting story, that Jenn thinks would make a great middle grade GN. It wasn’t that hard to do, once I’d gotten the feel for it.

I wrote the first part of Sinbad’s first voyage yesterday and sent the draft of my script to Jenn. I asked her to look it over—or have someone familiar with the format look it over—and tell me if I was on the right track. If I am, I’ll go ahead and finish up the story of the first voyage. That should be enough for an artist or editor to decide if this is a project that they’d like to do.

This is all new for me. It’s very exciting. I hope it works out. I’ll let you know.

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