The Tortilla Is Back

I’ve just seen the new illustrations for The Runaway Tortilla. Kudos to Erik Brooks, the illustrator! The book will not be released until September. You can get a preview HERE.

Why are there new illustrations? Why is there a new edition anyway? What was wrong with the old one? Good questions.

Winslow Press, the original publisher, ran into financial difficulties. It took several years to straighten everything out. I was able to get back the publication rights to the book. Michelle McCann, a writer/editor friend of mine steered me to Graphic Arts, a well-known publishing company here in Portland, agreed to re-publish the book.

However Randy Cecil, the original artist, felt that the original illustrations weren’t up to his standard. I completely disagreed. Randy had done a fine job and I wanted his illustrations in the new edition. However, he felt strongly about it and I had to respect his views. We needed to find another artist. That’s how we found Erik. I really like his work. I hope we’ll have the opportunity to do more books together in the future. Click HERE to check out Erik’s website.

So for all those faithful fans who wrote to me over the years begging me to help them find another copy of  The Runaway Tortilla, your wait is at an end.

Thanks for being patient.

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