Author Afternoon

I did my first author program of the season yesterday afternoon in Camas, Washington at the beautiful Camas Public Library. I felt like an ancient fossil since the two highly talented writers presenting with me—Katy Towell and E.S. Gibson—were just starting their careers. It was an exciting afternoon. I learned a lot, especially about using social media to spread the word about new books. Katy was way ahead of me on that one. I believe young writers always will be. I just don’t get Twitter!

Special thanks go to Kaysa Lake for arranging the afternoon. I’m also excited by the fact that I sold the first three copies of the new edition of The Runaway Tortilla. I hope those are the first of many.

The air was thick with smoke from the wildfires that are burning in Central Washington. Everything is tinder dry. We have hardly had any rain this summer. Hope we get some rain so the firemen on the line can get those fires under control soon.

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