Hershel Chair and Goblin Puppets

I received the most wonderful letter yesterday from Sasha Lauterbach, the librarian at the Cambridge Friends School in Cambridge, MA. Sasha is going to send me pictures of the Hershel chair and the goblin puppets. I can’t wait to see them. Sasha has given me permission to post her letter. I’ll post the chair and goblin pictures when I get them.

Dear Mr. Kimmel,

Here at Cambridge Friends School (Cambridge, MA) – where I’m the librarian – your books are great favorites. The children love the Anansi stories and other folktales – but the super favorite is Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins. In 2000, fifth-graders painted the library chairs in honor of their favorite books – and we have a Hershel chair. In 2013, the school celebrated its 50th anniversary, and the students voted for their fifty all-time favorite books – Hershel topped the list.

Through a friend, I have a contact with an extraordinary puppet-maker in India. She’s made many traditional Hindu puppets for me in the past, but last year I sent her a copy of Hershel (yes, he’s now in India, too) and she made three amazing puppets of the goblins – each about 3 feet tall and highly-detailed. I plan on using them this Hanukkah when I once again read the story to all grades (and I’ll be telling it at a senior living facility, too). I would love to send you pictures of these puppets and of the Hershel chair, if you can give me an address to send them to. I think you’ll find the puppets and chair wonderful tributes to your superb storytelling.

Looking forward to hearing from you and with great appreciation,

Sasha Lauterbach

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