Off To France!

I see again that I haven’t kept up my resolution to post regularly. Lots of things are going on. We are preparing for a birding trip to the south of France to see birds in the Camargue region. This is an important wetland on the flyway between Europe and North Africa. We will be there at the peak of the migration. The birding should be excellent. The Carmargue is also famous for its white horses. I hope we’ll see a few. I love horses! It’s also known for having the biggest flies in Europe. And they’re mean! I don’t know whether to bring a flyswatter or a baseball bat for protection. Best cover up!

We’ll also be in the mountain region of the Pyrenees to check out the birds of the higher regions. The Pyrenees are the mountains that form the border between France and Spain. I may have a chance to practice my Spanish as well as my French, neither of which are very good. We’ll spend some time at the end of our trip in Paris. Our birding guide from the Portland Audubon Society, Steve Robertson, is a good friend. He led us on our birding trip to Brazil last year. Steve has never been in Paris. He wants to see the Eiffel Tower. Doris and I have been in Paris several times. It’s one of our favorite cities. This time we can be guides for Steve.

We’ll also have a chance to get together with our French friends, Ida and Émile, who live in a suburb outside of Paris. We have a date for lunch before we fly home.

Actually, the best way to enjoy any city in France is to find a cafe, sit down by the sidewalk, and watch the people go by.

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