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Skype Visits

We’ve had a lot of success this year with Skype visits. School will be starting all around the country in another month. Available dates are beginning to fill up. If you’d like to arrange for a Skype visit or would just like to get more information, click HERE.

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New Videos

I have three new books coming out over the spring and summer. Yet, if you’ve been following me on Vimeo, you’ll see that I only have two new videos. How come? And how come I don’t have videos for lots of my books. I make them on my desktop computer. Why aren’t there more of […]

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Website Update

I love technology. However, computers, electronics, and mechanical things just don’t like me. We’ve been trying to fix a leak in the upstairs shower for over a month. I watched all the caulking videos on YouTube. Should be simple. No luck. I’ve asked my neighbor Joe to recommend an handyman. Joe is a contractor who […]

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New Books!

This is turning into an exciting season. Three new books have come out. The first was Rattlestiltskin. A few weeks ago I received my author copies for Little Red Rosie. Yesterday, the FedEx man delivered another box of books to the house. I opened it at once. Inside were the copies of Gabriel’s Horn, my […]

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