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I have three new books coming out over the spring and summer. Yet, if you’ve been following me on Vimeo, you’ll see that I only have two new videos. How come? And how come I don’t have videos for lots of my books. I make them on my desktop computer. Why aren’t there more of them? And how come some that were posted in the past disappeared?

Good questions. You see, there are several factors that go into whether or not a book becomes a video. First of all, I need the publisher’s permission. I hold the copyright to the words, but not to the illustrations. Also, the publisher may have sold the electronic rights to another company. This is what happens when a book becomes an ebook. That’s why I always ask a publisher’s permission before making or posting a video of any of my books. I want to be sure I’m not interfering with rights that someone else already owns.

Another factor has to do with the illustrations. It really helps if the publisher can send me jpegs of the pictures in the book. I like getting the pictures without the words. It’s the storyteller within me, I guess. I like the idea of my audience following the story through the pictures while listening to me tell the tale. I do have programs that allow me to delete the words from an illustration. It’s time consuming, to say the least. You have to remove them pixel by pixel. It’s so much easier if the publisher can just send me the illustrations.

That’s why I haven’t made videos of some of my older stories. It’s a lot of work. I’d have to scan the illustrations in from the printed book. They’re never as sharp or as bright as the original jpegs from which the book was created. And then I’d be faced with the chore of taking out the words. Too much work! I’d rather spend my time working on a new story. I think you would, too.

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