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I love technology. However, computers, electronics, and mechanical things just don’t like me. We’ve been trying to fix a leak in the upstairs shower for over a month. I watched all the caulking videos on YouTube. Should be simple. No luck. I’ve asked my neighbor Joe to recommend an handyman. Joe is a contractor who owns several commercial properties. He can fix anything. He can also recommend someone reliable who will fix the shower leak, the hole in the dry wall where the leaking pipe had to be fixed, the bathroom tiles that came unglued. Joe also wants him to put in a bannister on our second floor staircase so we don’t fall down the stairs and break our necks. He told me last night, “Current building code will not allow you to put in a staircase like that, even with a bannister. It’s too steep. It’s dangerous.”

Joe’s right, but our house was built in the 1920’s. I guess people were more fearless back then.

Which brings me to my website. WordPress, the program I use, has been nagging me to upgrade for months. That makes me nervous. I’ve experienced a few disastrous upgrades where programs stopped working or disappeared, taking my data with them. Wess, my webmaster, tells me to go ahead and upgrade. “Don’t be afraid,” he says. “I have everything on my computer. I can put everything back even if the upgrade eats your files.”

That’s not especially comforting, but here it goes. I just clicked on the <UPGRADE> button. Let’s see what happens.

Whew! I’m still here. What a relief!

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