In Recovery

Eric, where have you been!

I haven’t been here, that’s for sure. On October 14th, two weeks before my birthday, I went into the hospital to have my left knee replaced. It had been bothering me for years, causing a lot of pain and making walking difficult. I used to love to go hiking. In recent years a walk to the library—only a few blocks away—would leave my knee throbbing for the rest of the day. I was tired of living on pain medication.

My outstanding orthopedist, Dr. Phil Wirganowicz, warned me that knee replacement was serious surgery. It would be painful. I would be living with pain for months afterward. Physical therapy after the operation was essential. In effect, if I couldn’t make a commitment to doing my exercises, I might as well forget the whole idea. I took a deep breath and said I was ready.

In effect, I’ve spent the past two months out of commission, sleeping most of the day, trying to avoid taking too many pain pills, gritting my teeth and going to my physical therapy sessions and practicing my exercises at home.

Now here’s the good news. I graduated from physical therapy today. My excellent team of therapists at Kaiser Interstate Hospital deserve all the credit. Thank you Pat, Mark, Yvonne, and Robin. You inspired me. I’ll never quit.

Of course, now that I’m back, my website goes down. Serves me right. I’ll talk to Wess, my webmaster, about getting it up and running again. Anyway, I’m back.

Happy holidays and Happy New Year to all  my friends and fans.

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