Always Working On Something!

This has been a busy spring so far. I’ve been busy working on several new books. Yesterday I finished revising the proposal for a third Scarlett and Sam adventure. This time they’ll have an undersea adventure with Jonah the prophet (a very unpleasant fellow.) Everyone talks about Jonah and the Whale. There’s no whale in the original Bible text. It only speaks of a “big fish.” That gave me room to have some fun. Scarlett and Sam, along with Jonah, are swallowed by a megalodon, a prehistoric shark ten times bigger than the biggest known Great White Shark. That should get my readers’s attention, don’t you think?

The second Scarlett and Sam adventure, The Search for the Shamir, will be coming out in a few months. Our heroes are off on a flying carpet to do battle with Ashmodai, king of the demons. I had lots of fun creating the character of Ashmodai. He gets all the best lines in the book. His problem is that he thinks he’s far more clever than he really is.

My fans know that I love bicycling and that I ride a recumbent bike. My love for bikes shows up in another new book that will be coming out soon: I Want A Real Bike. Our hero has outgrown his bike and can’t wait to get a new one. There are so many different kinds. Which one will it be?

My giant friend Big Sam makes his debut soon. Baking a loaf of challah bread is challenging when you’re as big as a mountain—and when you find out that you’ve run out of poppy seeds! I was working on making a slide show from the illustrations. I’ll post the video on Vimeo when my editor gives me the green light.

There are lots of other projects waiting for editors to give me approval. Plus I also have lots of ideas in the back of my mind that I want to work out and see if I can turn them into stories. I’m always working on something. You can never stand still if you want to have a writing career. That’s rather like something I read about sharks. They have to keep swimming or die. I feel I have to keep writing or I’ll disappear. That, I guarantee my fans, will not happen anytime soon,

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