Preparing for the Future

I had a lunch meeting downtown with my webmaster, Wess. He’s working on a big project, setting up a web presence for an international corporation. I’m flattered that he took the time to hang out with me. He’s a good guy.

I wanted to meet with Wess to talk with him about bringing my website up-to-date. We’ve seen some big changes in children’s books and the publishing industry since we set it up about six years ago. I felt some parts of the site worked well; others, less so. Others are out-of-date.

Wess started off with a comment that caught my attention. He told me that we may want to move on completely. The website concept has had its day. A Facebook page would be more effective. He explained why. People rely on social media to connect and to keep themselves up-to-date. They don’t go hopping around from one individual website to another. Wess also explained that the people I wanted to reach—parents, teachers, librarians, fellow authors and artists—are all on Facebook. My current Facebook page is really a personal page where I hang out with friends. Our goal would be to create an entirely new Facebook presence on a Facebook page that would serve the purpose that my website currently does. I wouldn’t give up my website. However, it’s purpose would be mostly maintaining a web presence for anyone wanting information or wishing to connect with me. The real thrust of my energy would be on the Facebook page.

Wess also explained that having a Facebook page devoted to books and writing would allow me to send notices about new books to targeted audiences. Facebook charges a fee for this. The cost varies depending on how many audiences are targeted. It’s worth looking into, Wess told me, since this is where commerce and social media come together.

I had to laugh at one thing he told me. Kids don’t use Facebook. It’s old hat. They’re on Instagram or Snapchat or on one of a large number of social media websites that may be more or less reputable. Facebook is for parents and grandparents. That’s where I want to be. After all, said Wess, they’re the ones who buy the books.

So much to think about! Wess and I agreed to meet at the end of February. He’d put together a proposal and we’d go forward from there.

I’m excited!

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