I Want A Real Bike (in Oregon)

2018 is off to a great start. I have several new books that I’m very excited about. Here’s one of my favorites: I Want A Real Bike (in Oregon.)

Our main characters has outgrown his bike. He really needs a new one to keep up with his friends. There are so many different kinds of bikes for different kinds of biking. Which kind shall he get? Road bike? Trail bike? Cargo bike? Racing bike? Recumbent bike? Fixie bike? Will he ever get a new bike at all?

In telling the story I had the chance to have fun with all the different kinds of bikes as well as all the different bike trails, rides, and  activities here in Oregon. The plan is to adapt the book for different states where biking is popular. If plans work out, expect to see our characters wanting a real bike in Washington, Idaho, Colorado, California, and Arizona. Fingers crossed!

I had to deal with one interesting issue. My editor Michelle McCann insisted that I had to put Portland’s Naked Bike Ride into the text somewhere. It’s too important and crazy a ride here in Portland to leave out. I wasn’t sure. Some people might find naked people in a children’s book offensive. Michelle and I put our heads together and come up with the perfect solution. The characters are animals!

The book should be out shortly. Watch for it. I know you’ll enjoy it, whether or not you enjoy biking in Pacific Northwest rain, with or without clothing.

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