The Search for the Shamir

The Search for the Shamir, the second Scarlett and Sam adventure is just out. This time the twins help King Solomon build the Temple in Jerusalem. Sounds easy. The problem is the construction has to be done without iron tools. Iron is a metal of war and God’s Temple must be a house of peace. As if that weren’t tough enough, Solomon’s barely older than Scarlett and Sam and still figuring out how to be a good king. Plus Israel’s broke. Solomon can’t even afford to offer the twins decent cookies. All of that would make the task tough enough, even if Ashmodai, the king of the demons, weren’t challenging Scarlett and Sam at every turn with the truly awesome power of Creation at stake.

Can Scarlett and Sam bring it off? With the help of a magic ring, a flying carpet, Solomon’s bravest warrior for backup, and a prophet with a direct line to You-Know-Who, they just might.

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