Down Time

I  promised two editors I would have two book length projects completed by the middle of January. Getting sick in December threw the proverbial monkey wrench into my plans. I hadn’t planned on all that downtime. Nothing, however, stopped me from working on ideas in my head, so when I finally felt better I was able to fire up my computer and turn out the chapters one after another.

I made the deadline with a week to spare!

Now what? That’s always a tough question when I find myself between projects. I have some ideas that I would love to explore. I also have to consider when is likely to get into print. It does me no good to work for months on a manuscript that is only going to exist on my computer. I’ve asked my agent Jennifer for ideas. I’ve written to editors I know. Then it’s a matter of waiting to hear what they have to say.

That doesn’t mean I have to follow it. I’m waiting to feel the fire. When I do, I know that’s the next story. Off I go and it really doesn’t matter if it ever gets into print. That’s the best part of writing: when you feel a story coming to life.

That’s what I’m waiting for right now. Wait and see.

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